Bobbie Metevier
Journalist / Freelance Writer

I have always been interested in facts, and I love to write. So after graduating college, I took a job as a fact checker with a Detroit newspaper. From there, I started checking for other newspapers. When I wasn't digging for truth, I helped gather data for abstracts and conference presentation—everything from chronic illness to infertility. Since then, I have reported for the Flint Enquirer as a staff writer, edited content for MTV, doctored books for Simon & Schuster, and ghost written three New York Times Best Sellers. My work has appeared on CNN and NPR. 

Today, I'm a freelance article writer, editor, and regular contributor at a health magazine. I continue to do research for professors at the university level and have work coming out later this year and through 2018 in the areas of politics and health. My writing can be found across several media platforms.